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The plight of anyone who becomes too comfortable with their banking pay

02/11/2018 - If you work in banking, my warning to you is this: don't get too comfortable with your pay. It will be your undoing if you do.

Everything you need to know about working in regulatory technology

02/10/2018 - While jobs in compliance and risk management aren’t known to be the most exciting positions in banking, those tasked with automating these regulatory processes are working on some of the most innovative technologies in the industry.

The hiring process at banks could soon become a nightmare

14/08/2018 - Getting a job at a bulge-bracket bank is already a battle of wills. You’ll need the proper network, resume and people skills to earn an offer,

How fintech jobs became boring

02/07/2018 - It was always inevitable that success in the fintech sector would be driven more by the “fin” side of things and less by the “tech.”

Can't code and want to stay in finance? This ex-Citi MD has a plan

13/06/2018 - If you work in a front office job in an investment bank and you're worried about being displaced by intelligent machines, the former head of macro structuring at Citigroup would like to be your friend.

The hedge fund job that will give you an easy life. And its downsides

12/06/2018 - Every ranking of the top accounting firms in the world begins the same way: PwC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG, in some order.

The dead-end banking job you can't afford to leave

01/06/2018 - Junior investment bankers who leave the industry often talk about feeling the need to get out before they become “stuck.”

The Top Ten Pitch Mistakes!

01/05/2018 - Catherine Moonan, Pitch Coach for the popular RTÉ ‘Dragons’ Den’ TV series, has coached more than 500 contestants towards securing a collective total of €5m in investment funds.

Why investment jobs aren’t necessarily the best option in private equity

03/04/2018 - Private equity firms are doing more hiring for non-investment roles than ever before, opening up opportunities for a wider range of candidates, both within the organizations themselves and at their portfolio companies.

The Hidden Meaning of Banking Bonuses

01/03/2018 - Whether you’ve already received your bonus or are about to, you’ll be having some big thoughts about the implications. For example, what does it mean to be paid flat? What does it mean to be paid 20% up?

How to make a move from banking to fintech work

20/02/2018 - Of the bankers who have left the traditional financial services industry to join an established financial technology firm or a fintech startup, many have trouble making the adjustment,

Bankers say they (probably) won’t invest their bonuses in bitcoin

01/02/2018 - If you work for Nordea, allocating a portion of your 2017 bonus to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is already out the question –

Morning Coffee: CEO’s message to bankers who want to stay employed. Optimism arrives too late for bonuses, again

25/01/2018 - If you’re thinking about your long term employability in banking, you might’ve been thinking about getting into coding, or data analytics, or blockchain.

J.P. Morgan’s quick guide to the top banking jobs of 2018

16/01/2018 - J.P. Morgan’s London-based banking analysts. led by top-ranked analyst Kian Abouhossein just issued their predictions for banks’ revenues in 2018.

100 top banking interview questions and how to answer them

04/01/2018 - So you want a new banking job? Good luck. Banks are notoriously fussy. Their application process is also notoriously convoluted: you can expect digital interviews, individual interviews and ‘Superdays’/Assessment centres.

How asset managers are competing for the hottest skill-set on the buy-side

01/12/2017 - The underperformance of asset managers’ actively managed strategies taken with the rise of new technologies has shaped asset management recruitment this year and will continue to do so,

The New York “salary rule” will cause chaos for hedge funds

03/11/2017 - It’s day one of the new “salary history rule” on Wall Street. As of today, employers in New York City, can’t ask potential recruits how much they were paid in previous roles.

How you are sabotaging your banking career

02/11/2017 - It makes no sense. You’re technically excellent, continue to bring in the numbers and yet your career is at a standstill. Management roles, or even a necessary bump up to get a bigger salary, continue to be elusive.

Morning Coffee: The most important finance jobs you never even knew existed. Top technologist’s date night

04/10/2017 - If you’re contemplating where in the world to situate your finance job, you might have your eye on North America – which is predicted to benefit from Brexit irrespective of the fitfulness of Trump,

Inside the most interesting job in finance

05/09/2017 - It’s not M&A. It’s not private equity. Nor is it hedge funds, nor systematic trading divisions in banks

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