16 January 2019

Presentation Skills

On this in depth and interactive course you’ll learn how to produce and deliver, impactful and pr...

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24 January 2019

Sponsorship - A Powerful Marketing Tool

Sponsorship has been proven to deliver long-term commercial value. This course is designed to sui...

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30 January 2019

The Power of Search

This session will talk through the importance of integrating search and provide practical example...

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5 February 2019

Social Advertising Inside Out

Social Media is growing at a rapid rate and it is crucial for companies to have a strong relevant...

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7 February 2019

Digital Media - Advanced

This course is ideal for those who know the basics of Digital marketing and have a working knowle...

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12 February 2019

The Domestic Media Market

This course gives a detailed overview of the Irish media market both in the Republic and Northern...

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13 February 2019

AV The New TV

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21 February 2019

Social Customer Care at Core Learning

In today’s on-demand society where social, mobile consumers expect instant service and immediate ...

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9 May 2019

Digital Media - The Fundamentals

Digital marketing is vastly evolving with the speed of technology and it is crucial to every mark...

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29 May 2019

AV The New TV

The television market is going through its biggest change since John Logie Baird sent the first t...

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