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Social Customer Care at Core Learning

In today’s on-demand society where social, mobile consumers expect instant service and immediate results, it is more vital than ever that businesses take the same approach when it comes to delivering effective customer service.

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21 February 2019
Core Learning 16 Sir John Rogerson's Qua
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649 6425
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To succeed, social customer engagement must be effortless, enabling consumers and brands to interact over all digital channels, with ease and at scale. Advances in the power of mobile devices, ever-present high-speed internet, and an increasingly centralised social media culture are rapidly shifting approaches to brand-customer engagement and issue resolution.

Who should attend the course?

Marketing Managers, Marketing Executives, Advertising Executives, Digital Executives.

After the course you will

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the Social Media landscape
  • Understand the necessary elements that make up an effective social customer care policy
  • Recognise and avoid pitfalls
  • Developed a firm and consistent social media etiquette template
  • Establish a clear policy for managing customer complaints on Social Media
  • Gain a greater insight into your customer base

Course Content

  • Overview of Social Media
  • Essential components of an excellent Social Customer service policy
  • Facebook and Twitter social etiquette
  • Knowing your audience
  • Prioritising effectively
  • Managing social complaints and escalations
  • Case studies


Ideally, those taking part in the course should understand social media at a beginner’s level and have some exposure to advertising on social.

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