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La Touche Training is Ireland's leading legal training company, specialising in training non-lawyers in how to apply the law in accordance with best practice principles.

Established in 1995, we are the market leaders in providing innovative, up-to-date, relevant and experiential courses designed to improve performance in the work place and court room.

Such as our upcoming 'Expert Witness Training' programmes:

Expert Witness Training is an intensvie three day legal training programme comprising of the three core training days - Courtroom Skills, Cross Examination Skills and Excellence in Report Writing.

Excellence in Report Writing allows both new and experienced experts to observe what lawyers and the courts want from an expert witness report. Delegates learn from our skilled lawyers how to assess others’ reports and in turn to assess their own. Working from our sample format, delegates will create their own report template pertinent to their profession.

Cross-Examination Skills
The proven benefits of this advanced legal training day will be reflected in the marked increase in confidence and effectiveness of each individual as an expert witness. Delegates learn how to combat cross-examination techniques and gain mastery of their delivery. Each cross- examination will be video recorded, a copy of which delegates will take for further learning at the end of the course. You must complete a day of Courtroom Skills Training prior to taking this course.

Courtroom Skills Training is an intensive one-day highly practical and experiential course. We examine the theory, practice and procedure of giving evidence. Delegates are cross-examined on a case study which they prepare from their field of expertise. Our experienced trainer will provide constructive feedback to each delegate on their witness box presentation.

For the complete guide to our 'Expert Witness Training' programmes, including upcoming dates and costings, please see here.


Furthermore, did you know that La Touche Training is Ireland’s leading legal and compliance training company?

As a sister-company of International Compliance Training, La Touche Training is proud to offer International Compliance Association (ICA) qualifications for the Irish market.

ICA qualifications are a globally recognised benchmark of competence and excellence in their respective fields. At La Touche Training we offer courses to suit all levels of knowledge and experience.

Taught in over 146 countries, these top-quality qualifications are awarded by the ICA in association with the University of Manchester Business School.


Investing in your future with a professional qualification in AML, Financial Crime, Compliance or Sanctions takes both time and effort, but the results are worthwhile:

  • You’ll perform better

ICA qualifications don’t just train you in academic concepts and international frameworks: they also empower you to perform better by taking a practical approach to real-life issues that you encounter in your day-to-day role. You will learn best practice, gain specialist knowledge and acquire professional tools as part of your education so that you can be the best you can be in your role.

  • You’ll improve your career options…

The professional recognition that you’ll gain from an ICA qualification will open doors professionally. Many students have said that they received a promotion or were able to move to a higher paid job as a direct result of gaining their qualification.

  •  ...or have the chance to begin a new career

A professional qualification speaks volumes to prospective employers, giving you an advantage over non-qualified applicants. You will be demonstrating your desire to develop your subject matter knowledge as you are demonstrating a commitment to your new career choice.

  • You’ll help reduce risk at your firm

ICA qualifications are essentially centred around risk mitigation: regulatory, criminal, reputational, and financial. These risks can have a huge impact on your firm. The qualifications will enable you to develop strategies to help manage and prevent these risks as well as make informed judgements.

World-renowned diplomas include:

ICA International Diploma in Anti Money Laundering, where you will learn:

• Money laundering and terrorist financing – definitions and nature
• The international context
• International anti money laundering and counter terrorist financing frameworks
• Terrorist financing and proliferation financing
• Complying with sanctions and freezing requirements
• Concepts of risk management
• Implementing an AML and CFT riskbased approach
• Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
• Escalation and exit strategies
• The AML/CFT governance framework
• Culture and training
• Transaction monitoring and filtering framework
• Recognition, handling and reporting transactions
• Post-reporting considerations
• Dealing with the authorities

ICA International Diploma in Financial Crime Prevention, where you will learn:

• Understanding financial crime
• The international models and influences
• Key roles and responsibilities
• The legal frameworks
• Corporate and business frauds
• Financial sector fraud
• Market fraud: market manipulation/misleading statements, insider dealing and market abuse
• Bribery and corruption
• Cybercrime
• Data and information security
• Combating the financing of terrorism
• The prevention and detection of money laundering
• The law, standards and codes affecting investigation and prosecution
• Investigating fraud internally
• Asset tracing, confiscation and recovery 

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