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CJHNetwork is a rejuvenated business with deep roots in the consulting business in Ireland and abroad. Our Network has a fundamental belief in the capability of people, the importance of change and quality in enterprise. We believe that resources should be used to benefit organisations and our planet. Technology is a gift that can accelerate and improve processes and should always be embraced in this light.

CJHNetwork adopts a curious approach to all of the projects we engage in. Our preferred method is to always follow a cycle of improvement and innovation that moves towards increased success.  We believe that engagement and involvement of people will guarantee this success. CJHNetwork has a range of products available to clients, these fall into three categories; Training, Quality Systems & Software.

We are an IBM Silver Business Partner and can assist in recruiting your new stars, gain analytic insights and engage employees to perform their best, all by using IBM Talent Management Solutions. We are keenly interested in imminent cyber security threats and want to solve the emerging skill gap in this area by ensuring companies are recruiting those best fit to work in cyber security.

IBM has developed the Commercial Cyber Aptitude Test (CCAT). The test focuses on identifying latent ability by assessing behavioural attributes and cognitive aptitude to acquire the technical knowledge required for success in a cyber role. CCAT provides employers in urgent need of cyber security employees a means of finding people who will excel in these roles both from within their organisation and externally.

This test is focused on the aptitude necessary for success in an entry level Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst role. This is the fundamental role that supports further development in all cyber roles.

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