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Eight questions to ask yourself before going into investment banking

24/03/2017 - Have you really thought about what life is like working for an investment bank? Before you start your career, ask yourself these eight questions.

“If you want to make it to managing director on the trading floor, this is the secret”

22/03/2017 - By now, most people will have received their bonus, and as a former managing director in sales at Nomura, this time of year always draws me back to awkward conversations I had with some of the people I managed.

Banks just can’t find enough cyber-security talent

22/03/2017 - Banks are desperate to hire cyber-security professionals and a shortage of talent means they’re looking outside of the financial services industry.

If quants in banks are so hot, why aren’t they better paid?

21/03/2017 - Quants are it. While sales jobs in banks disappear and trading jobs are automated into mundanity, quants are the new thing.

The absolutely perfect resume for private equity

21/03/2017 - Looking for a job in private equity? Good luck: for every available role, just 10% of the on average 300 applications make the shortlist.

Reducing Employee Pay – Latest Case Law, and Best Practice for Employers

14/03/2017 - Recent cases have likely put to bed the long-running debate regarding "reductions" of pay versus "deductions" of pay. Confusion in the area of the Payment of Wages Act 1991 (the "Act") derived from the High Court case of McKenzie & PDFORRA v The Minister for Finance [2010] IEHC 462 ("McKenzie") which determined that reductions in pay were not prohibited by the Act but deductions were (subject to exceptions).

Equity derivatives traders disappearing after a difficult start to 2017

13/03/2017 - Now is not the time to work on a European equities index trading desk. According to Deutsche Bank’s analysts they’ve had a particularly miserable start to the year.

Why you’ll love and hate life at PwC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG

09/03/2017 - The Big Four accounting firms are often lumped together in the minds of candidates. All are prestigious. All employ and hire tens of thousands of people each year.

11 survival tips for analysts and associates in investment banking

06/03/2017 - Joining an investment banks graduate programme is no guarantee that you’ll go on to become a real investment banker.

Deutsche Bank just called the 3 worst banking jobs of 2017

06/03/2017 - Where don’t you want to work in 2017? Try M&A, U.S, European and Asian equities, or FX. So says the latest capital markets pulse from Deutsche’s European banking analysts.

Seven survival tips when you work for a boutique investment bank

06/03/2017 - Working in a large financial services organisation often necessitates being part of a small fiefdom, where playing office politics is as important for your promotion prospects as any performance metric. What about if you work at a boutique?

Why I quit my huge job at Google to launch a new fintech firm

06/03/2017 - Most fintech start-up CEOs tend to come from finance. Brett Crosby, who recently started PeerStreet – an investing platform for real estate loans – has spent the past decade in the inner sanctum at Google.

The biggest misconceptions about working for a hedge fund

02/03/2017 - Of all the misconceived stereotypes about working for a hedge fund, the biggest one is around pay. Many people underestimate how long and hard you’ll have to work to achieve the eye-popping salaries and bonuses that make headlines.

How to nail the ‘walk me through your resume’ interview question

01/03/2017 - You know it’s probably coming. In 90% of job interviews, the hiring manager or HR executive will say “Why don’t you walk me through your resume” as an ice-breaker.

CFA, MBA, Masters, CAIA or ACA: What do private equity firms want?

28/02/2017 - Private equity firms like to hire winners. They want the elite investment bankers and graduates who can demonstrate the sort of qualities that will set them apart from the 300 other applicants.

How accountants can avoid being replaced by robots

28/02/2017 - Steve Palomino, the director of financial transformation at robotic process automation company Redwood Software, has both a CPA and an MBA and worked at two of the Big Four audit firms. Now he works on robotic automation – including for many accounting functions.

Hedge funds hope to avoid destruction by copying Google

27/02/2017 - Hedge funds will soon have to fill their offices with helter-skelters, Ferris wheels and sleeping pods if they want to continue to attract the talent they need to survive.

Associates and VPs stuck in horrific promotions bottleneck. Here’s how they can escape it

17/02/2017 - Promotions have long been used by banks as a tool for retaining their best talent, with all global banks having clearly defined ranks and a structured career path for their employees, typically from analyst through to managing director.

I’m hiring in fintech: these are the interview questions I will ask you

17/02/2017 - During my long career in banking – both in Europe and here in Asia – I’ve been on both sides of the ‘recruitment divide’, having been a hiring manager and a new recruit (temp, perm, you name it – done it all).

The 11 worst career decisions that junior bankers make

15/02/2017 - Everyone makes blunders early on in their career, even they eventually end up at the top. Here are the most common lapses in judgement and just plain-old poor decisions that junior bankers make.

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