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The top 50 universities for getting a front office investment banking job

25/05/2017 - It’s no secret that investment banks have target schools, and that only the top students within those universities make the cut for front office jobs.

Fintech is about to become a big part of the CFA exams. This is what you should know

24/05/2017 - Get ready Chartered Financial Analyst candidates: fintech has hit the CFA exam, and it will only get bigger.

Technologists in investment banks: needed, not loved

24/05/2017 - Investment banks’ employees simply don’t have enough “digital savoir faire”.

Citigroup demonstrates the challenge of getting AI job in finance

18/05/2017 - So you’re thinking of getting a job in artificial intelligence (AI) in financial services? Good luck with that. Even the big banks employ next to no one in their front office AI teams.

Here’s what you need to know about the CFA exam with less than a month to go

18/05/2017 - Are you prepared for the June CFA exam? It’s less than a month away, so take a deep breath and work out how to best use your time and energy from now until exam day.

The 10 banks technology professionals want to work for

18/05/2017 - Technology professionals in investment banks are the new Masters of the Universe. Sort of. Technology is creeping into every facet of investment banking, from trading to advisory work and equity research.

Meet the “digital investment banks” coming for your IBD job

17/05/2017 - First they came for the equities traders and the FX traders. Then they came for the CDS index traders. Now, it seems, the computers are coming for the jobs of people working in M&A and capital markets.

Irish Companies (Accounting) Bill 2016 - Changes to Filing Obligations for Unlimited Companies

10/05/2017 - We bring you an update on the long-awaited publication of draft legislation which will considerably broaden the requirement for Irish unlimited subsidiary companies to publicly file financial statements.

How to sail through a compliance job interview in banking

05/05/2017 - If you work in compliance right now you probably consider yourself able to find a new role almost at will. But while compliance professionals remain in demand, despite the advance of regulatory technology, interviewing for a job in the sector is far from straightforward.

What senior bankers say, and what senior bankers mean

04/05/2017 - When you work in banking, you need to understand the vernacular. Banking has its own code language and its own culture and the bosses are known to be passive aggressive.

Why people want to work for PwC and Deloitte over McKinsey and BCG

04/05/2017 - The gold standard in consulting is making it through the doors at one of MBB: McKinsey & Co, Bain & Co and the Boston Consulting Group.

Investment banking, PE, Google or fintech: Which would you choose?

03/05/2017 - Not everyone can say, after graduating from Harvard, they became an investment banking analyst,

The 3 easiest and hardest types of banking job to get now

03/05/2017 - If you’re looking for a nice easy banking job which you can semi-stroll into and where you won’t be threatened by a huge body of impeccably qualified candidates who are out of the market and would love your seat, you need to choose your sector carefully.

The investment banks women want to work for

03/05/2017 - As far as investment banks go, J.P. Morgan isn’t short of women in senior positions usually occupied by men.

Upset as sexiest group of bankers gets demoted in new world order

02/05/2017 - Bank of America and Citigroup were among the first. Last year, the two U.S. banks began crowing about the virtues of their corporate client base in fixed income sales and trading.

10 things J.P.M’s and Citi’s results say about banking jobs now

27/04/2017 - Planning to look for a new banking job after Easter? Citigroup and J.P. Morgan have released their results for the first quarter of 2017. They suggest you could be in luck.

These are the top 10 private equity firms everyone wants to work for

27/04/2017 - Private equity is all about aspiration. Most investment bankers covet a buy-side role early on in their career, but only a very select few make it in.

Eight things you’ll miss if you quit investment banking

25/04/2017 - When you’re mired in spreadsheets for 14 hours a day, the prospect of ditching banking for something entirely new is as refreshing as jumping into a fresh, crisp swimming pool. But it can be a leap into the unknown.

When recruiters brush you off. And how to handle it

25/04/2017 - "Thank you for your application, we’ve kept your details on file.” In a world full of ambiguities, the standard recruiter brush-off is an indecipherable uncertainty.

Dash CEO: Buy-side trading desks will soon be mostly technologists

21/04/2017 - A decade from now, maybe sooner, buy-side trading desks will be staffed almost exclusively by technologists, according to a top trading technology executive.

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