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J.P. Morgan’s quick guide to the top banking jobs of 2018

16/01/2018 - J.P. Morgan’s London-based banking analysts. led by top-ranked analyst Kian Abouhossein just issued their predictions for banks’ revenues in 2018.

100 top banking interview questions and how to answer them

04/01/2018 - So you want a new banking job? Good luck. Banks are notoriously fussy. Their application process is also notoriously convoluted: you can expect digital interviews, individual interviews and ‘Superdays’/Assessment centres.

How asset managers are competing for the hottest skill-set on the buy-side

01/12/2017 - The underperformance of asset managers’ actively managed strategies taken with the rise of new technologies has shaped asset management recruitment this year and will continue to do so,

The New York “salary rule” will cause chaos for hedge funds

03/11/2017 - It’s day one of the new “salary history rule” on Wall Street. As of today, employers in New York City, can’t ask potential recruits how much they were paid in previous roles.

How you are sabotaging your banking career

02/11/2017 - It makes no sense. You’re technically excellent, continue to bring in the numbers and yet your career is at a standstill. Management roles, or even a necessary bump up to get a bigger salary, continue to be elusive.

Morning Coffee: The most important finance jobs you never even knew existed. Top technologist’s date night

04/10/2017 - If you’re contemplating where in the world to situate your finance job, you might have your eye on North America – which is predicted to benefit from Brexit irrespective of the fitfulness of Trump,

Inside the most interesting job in finance

05/09/2017 - It’s not M&A. It’s not private equity. Nor is it hedge funds, nor systematic trading divisions in banks

Publication of anti-corruption legislation appears imminent

05/09/2017 - Five years after the Government initially published details of proposed new legislation to modernise Ireland's anti-corruption and bribery laws, the publication of a Bill now appears imminent.

MiFID II: Publication of the Irish Regulations

22/08/2017 - Regulations implementing the second Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) in Ireland have been published,

Goldman Sachs shunted a front office equities job to Warsaw

15/08/2017 - Is it happening? Are jobs that would once have been located in London actually being moved to Europe because Brexit is going on? In the case of Goldman Sachs, maybe yes.

You’ve passed the CFA level III. Now what?

15/08/2017 - There are now 16,700 new CFA Charterholders around the world. 54% of this year’s cohort level III candidates passed, according to results released today, and the numbers keep growing.

Why bankers want to quit to join Google, Facebook and Apple

01/08/2017 - Banks may be opening up innovation labs, pouring millions into IT projects and even relaxing their dress codes to attract more developers, but technology companies are still becoming increasingly attractive destinations for financial services professionals.

Looking for a job? 10 bankers who could hire you in the second half

21/07/2017 - Brexit or not, low volatility or not, Trumpian uncertainty or not, 2017 has been a time of hiring. The first half of this year has witnessed a ripple of front office recruitment everywhere from Barclays to Credit Suisse and HSBC.

PwC, Deloitte, KPMG or EY, which Big Four firm pays the most?

21/07/2017 - Is there much to choose between Big Four accounting firms when it comes to pay? Much like top tier banks, PwC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG are all competing against one another for talent.

Are Rothschild’s new MDs the most fortunate people in finance?

13/07/2017 - Rothschild is not like other banks. While most banks pay and promote people at the start of each year, Rothschild pays and promotes on July 1st (changing to April 1st as of next year).

Deutsche Bank is looking for someone to assess the “dark side” of its MDs

13/07/2017 - Deutsche Bank is slightly happier and more positive place to work. Two months ago, the German bank unrolled a program to encourage its employees to share the positive impact they were having upon clients and society to an internal web page created for that purpose.

The new most accessible jobs in finance. And the least

13/07/2017 - If you’re looking for a new job in finance and you want to be in work by late August, you need to watch what you apply for.

The demanding new finance jobs that pay dismally

03/07/2017 - When Fred Erhsam arrived at Goldman Sachs to trade G10 currencies in 2010, he was struck by the vested interests on his desk. “Algorithms were ruling the world,

The technology company training 20 year-olds banks can’t get enough of

03/07/2017 - Forget spending 300 hours on each CFA qualification, or £50k ($64k) on an MBA.

Meet the senior London City lawyer who says a hard Brexit is no big deal

29/06/2017 - If you know your hard and soft Brexit, you probably also know your hard and soft Brexit-related banking job losses in the City of London.