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Eight things you’ll miss if you quit investment banking

25/04/2017 - When you’re mired in spreadsheets for 14 hours a day, the prospect of ditching banking for something entirely new is as refreshing as jumping into a fresh, crisp swimming pool. But it can be a leap into the unknown.

When recruiters brush you off. And how to handle it

25/04/2017 - "Thank you for your application, we’ve kept your details on file.” In a world full of ambiguities, the standard recruiter brush-off is an indecipherable uncertainty.

Dash CEO: Buy-side trading desks will soon be mostly technologists

21/04/2017 - A decade from now, maybe sooner, buy-side trading desks will be staffed almost exclusively by technologists, according to a top trading technology executive.

“Stale male bankers can’t handle us attractive female juniors”

20/04/2017 - I don’t mean to sound prurient, but the men in banking are all on top. And as you’ll know if you’ve worked in the industry, the women in the industry are all below them.

Employers Beware - Advice from HR Consultants Not Legally Privileged

18/04/2017 - The Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) has recently confirmed that legal advice privilege does not attach to advice given to employers by their non-lawyer advisors. As such, this advice may be disclosable to employees who submit data access requests to their employers.

The fashion faux pas of finance interns, as recalled by senior bankers

18/04/2017 - If you’ve got an internship in an investment bank this summer and you read this site often, then you will already know about not wearing brown shoes or purple suits or short skirts or braces (suspenders in the U.S.).

Upset as sexiest group of bankers gets demoted in new world order

11/04/2017 - Bank of America and Citigroup were among the first. Last year, the two U.S. banks began crowing about the virtues of their corporate client base in fixed income sales and trading.

Data will decide whether you keep your banking job

07/04/2017 - They weren’t called discretionary bonuses for nothing. When banks decided how much to pay in the past, there was always a finger-in-the-air component – an estimation from a manager on how much was needed to make someone stay and a reflection of how much he or she valued you.

Modelling marathons and trick interview questions: How to get through quant interviews

07/04/2017 - Quants are the new rock stars of finance, straddling a brave new world of big data and machine learning as computers take over. If you want to get in on the action, though, you’ll need to know how many ping pong balls fit into an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

This bank wants to turn its staff (and clients) into mental & physical athletes

07/04/2017 - Banking can be bad for you. Remember that study by ex-Goldman associate turned UCLA professor Alexandra Michel which found junior bankers suffering from everything from weight gain to hair loss because of the stress and hours?

The 10 companies financial services professionals are desperate to work for

04/04/2017 - J.P. Morgan has quietly become the investment bank that most finance professionals want to work for. It’s displaced Goldman Sachs from the top spot for the eFinancialCareers 2017 Ideal Employer rankings, which received over 17,600 votes from financial services professionals in the UK, U.S. and Asia.

The best and worst ways to sign off a work email

04/04/2017 - You don’t want to lose sleep over the valediction on your work email, but it does matter. It’s your parting shot. It’s also your chance to be a little personal. So, what’s the strongest way to sign-off?

Good and not-so-good excuses to get out of work for a job interview

30/03/2017 - It’s one of the only situations in life where the correct thing to do may be to tell a white lie. Unless the hiring company is willing to meet with you off the clock, you’ll likely need to spin a tale to sneak away from work for a job interview.

Hedge fund manager who wrote seduction guide for nerds is going it alone

29/03/2017 - Not all hedge fund managers are hyper-masculine men in pursuit if a warrior physique. Some are introverted, sensitive 90s guys, keen to espouse their qualities to potential mates.

How artificial intelligence will eat your finance job – and how to survive

29/03/2017 - Artificial intelligence is picking up pace in financial services and the effect on jobs could be devastating.

“Believe me, investment banking is so much better than a start-up for 20-somethings”

28/03/2017 - If you’re young and academically bright, you believe that you can do anything. For a lot of students and junior investment bankers, this means quitting and starting up your own firm.

Goldman Sachs needs a lot more MDs in Frankfurt

27/03/2017 - Will it be Frankfurt? Will it be Paris? As Theresa May prepares to push the button on Article 50, banks are preparing to push the button on Brexit contingency plans.

Eight questions to ask yourself before going into investment banking

24/03/2017 - Have you really thought about what life is like working for an investment bank? Before you start your career, ask yourself these eight questions.

“If you want to make it to managing director on the trading floor, this is the secret”

22/03/2017 - By now, most people will have received their bonus, and as a former managing director in sales at Nomura, this time of year always draws me back to awkward conversations I had with some of the people I managed.

Banks just can’t find enough cyber-security talent

22/03/2017 - Banks are desperate to hire cyber-security professionals and a shortage of talent means they’re looking outside of the financial services industry.

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