How to achieve IT Infrastructure visibility and controlYou should always have IT visibility and control even if your IT infrastructure is out-sourced to a managed service provider (MSP).

To achieve this, top MSPs offer their customers access to their IT systems via a portal. A portal is the perfect tool for both non-IT and IT management to get a consolidated view of their systems and offers both a high level and more detailed level of information via graphical dashboards and links.

The more intuitive portals enable your managed service provider to monitor and manage the security, capacity and availability of your IT infrastructure. At the same time they can provide you with real-time information about the immediate health of your infrastructure including assets, users, security, service tickets and corporate compliance.  It provides a live consolidated view of your organisation's unique IT infrastructure assets in an easy-to-navigate way. It also provides access to detailed data which can be sorted, exported or emailed to be included in management reports.

Full IT visibility is instantly available via the portal:

  • Consolidated view of all back-end systems
  • Home screen dashboard; with a Red, Amber, Green status of each component
  • Enhanced patching and antivirus information
  • Notification section, providing alerts on expiring warranties and licences
  • Visibility of all devices - not just servers and workstations

The portal enables you to see the exact same information as your MSP – all in one place.

An IT infrastructure portal provides unique insights into your systems including:

  • Service tickets and SLA reporting
  • Incident management and reporting
  • Active directory users and security policy
  • Security status including anti-virus and patching
  • Infrastructure assets (software and hardware)
  • Corporate compliance

A comprehensive portal delivers the transparency needed to support decision-making in a world of increasingly complex infrastructure environments.

By Trilogy Technologies.