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NCI Certificate in Business Analysis (QQI Level 8)

Learn practical analytical skills with Ireland's most popular Business Analysis certification. Achieve real business value through effective communication and collaboration.

This event is brought to you courtesy of The Business Analysts Association of Ireland

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The Business Analysts Association of Ireland
20 April to 15 September 2017
The Irish Computer Society, Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
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Jim Gregg
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More Information

NCI QQI Level 8 Certificate in Business Analysis

Duration: 6 months, 2 full days per month

Venue: Irish Computer Society, Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4; National College of Ireland

Contact: training@ics.ie

About the course

Improve business performance, competitiveness and analytical scope and implement actionable changes in your organisation with the Certificate in Business Analysis.

The business analyst is a title we are seeing pop up more and more, and this QQI Level 8 certificate is designed to prepare you to pursue a career in this vital field.

As the name implies, a business analyst's primary role is an analytical one: breaking down the business, identifying requirements for ongoing projects, ensuring everything remains on schedule, etc. When people see "business analyst", however, they think only about charts and number crunching. What we focus on in this course, in addition to analytical techniques, is how to be an effective communicator.

Who should attend

Anyone who currently plays or aspires to play a leading role in improving business performance through the use of proven analytical techniques within an organisation. Because of its broad scope, the course will give a unique perspective to many roles from management-level positions to mid-level staff.

Applicants for the programme will be assessed based on relevant experience by the BAAI. Applicants from other areas will be expected to have a primary level 7 degree or proven work experience in the area.

What you will learn

  • Specialist knowledge in analysing the core business objectives and strategy of an organisation
  • Managing requirements and other resources for a project, while liaising with project teams and management
  • Understand the dynamics of change in your business, how to adapt and how to optimise change through business process and analytics
  • Learn how to communicate your ideas effectively to staff through presentations, consultancy and team meetings.
  • Learn how to negotiate effectively with stakeholders within and outside of an organisation


You will be able to make a more effective contribution to improving business performance and competititveness.

You will be an effective communicator, allowing more complex ideas to be understood, approved and realised for large-scale projects requiring significant change.You will also improve your skills in negotiation and consultancy.

You will be capable of breaking down a business into core elements and devising a long-term strategy to optimise resources for projects.

For more information about the course, or to book your place, please contact Jim Gregg (jimgregg@ics.ie). We hope to see you on the course!


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