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Excellence in Report Writing - 13th June

A one-day course designed to provide all professionals who are required to write reports with the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare their reports to best practice standards.

This event is brought to you courtesy of La Touche Training

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La Touche Training
13 June 2017
The Distillery Building, Church Street, Dublin 7
Contact Name
Fergal O'Neill
Contact Phone
01 8788 265

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Course Outline
This one-day course examines the role and duties of an Expert Witness, with reference to the new High Court procedure. It will assist delegates to understand what is required from reports. They will consider the content of reports by considering the source and weight of evidence to be included and learning to distinguish between facts, inference and opinion. They will also consider the style and format of reports by reference to a model format for reports. The samples and models can be adapted to suit the field and context that is required. Delegates bring a copy of a report from a completed case in court ready condition and receive feedback from  an  experienced  lawyer  trainer  and  from  the other delegates.

Key Learning Points
• How to identify the issues and the facts, and the source and weight of those facts
• Appropriate layout, format and style
• Expressing an opinion on the issues
• Pitching the language of the report at the right level
• Dealing with exhibits, photos, digital evidence and other graphics
• Developing an objective and critical eye in relation to your report writing other delegates

Who and Why?
Often reports are written in a format or style that makes them difficult to read so that their impact is lost. Many reports fail to identify and deal with the issues in the case and fail to coherently and credibly provide the witness’factual evidence.
Excellence in report writing allows both new and experienced report writers to look at what lawyers and the courts want from experts’reports.

Delegates bring a copy of a report from a completed case in court ready condition and receive feedback from an experienced lawyer trainer and from the other delegates.


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