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IT Asset Management Foundation Certification (ITAMF)

Learn how to implement better business strategies for cost control, risk reduction and improved business value in the IT asset life cycle with this comprehensive IT Asset Management Certification.

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The Irish Computer Society, in association with ITAMORG
29 to 31 March 2017
The Irish Computer Society, Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
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IT assets can account for well over 30% of an organisation's spending every year, so their proper management is essential. If licensing is held on a piece of software, for example, is your organisation only making use of it for a short time? Does it need to be deactivated? More importantly, how much money is this costing the organisation?

If these are questions you hear often, then the IT Asset Management Certification course might be for you. The course provides a 2-day introduction to IT Asset Management, and is not IT-specific. Suitable roles include IT administrators, CFOs, project managers, and other IT roles, but since ITAM programs in a business are implemented interdepartmentally, the course has particular relevance for those in charge of IT services, budgeting and finance.

For the best experience with ITAMF, it is recommended that employees from each area attend together to best implement ITAM practices upon completion of the material. At the end of the course, en examination will be available to all participants.

What you will learn

  • Four key ITAM areas: Hardware Asset Management, Software Asset Management, Services and Cloud Asset Management, People and Information Asset Management
  • Assessment of ITAM business disciplines, objectives and best practice
  • Challenges of ITAM in a dynamic IT environment
  • IT asset lifecycle from procurement to retirement/ disposal
  • Achieving compliance in four ITAM areas
  • Risk and cost control of IT assets
  • An understanding of the licensing complexities related to IT operations in terms of software and hardware updates and acquisitions


Attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of both the concept and purposes of ITAM and what value it has for the business. This will enable you to make big cultural changes to your organisational ethos.

Gain a broad perspective on ITAM in relation to ISO standard, contract management, compliance, information security, cost control and business value.

Obtain an internationally recognised certification of IT Asset Management and demonstrate your commitment to continuous professional development within your organisation.