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About Us

The Irish Tax Institute (ITI) is the leading professional body for taxation affairs in Ireland. Our 6,000 membership comprises Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA), accountants, barristers, solicitors and other business professionals. Our mission is to support an efficient, fair and competitive tax system that encourages economic and social progress.

Founded in 1967, the ITI works with corporate leaders, Government, Revenue, other professional and representative groups, and the general public to help in the administration and development of the Irish and EU tax systems.

For over 40 years ITI has been Ireland's foremost provider of taxation professionals through our three-year and one-year (TMITI) tax qualification courses.

Our professional development programme provides continued education, appropriate advice, specialist seminars and other support services.

We provide a large range of other services to our members, including representation, tax research and information, and a suite of publications covering the full range of tax topics.

The ITI is governed by a 21-member Council made up of senior business executives and has a full-time staff of over 30 people.

Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA)

The Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) qualification is Ireland’s leading tax qualification. It is the gold standard in tax and the international mark of excellence in tax advice.

The depth and breadth of tax knowledge and related skills gained by students throughout the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) programme ensures that they are fully prepared for the world in which they will work.

The Institute has educated over 5,000 Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA) for over thirty years, amongst them some of the finest minds in tax and the most sought after names in the legal, commercial and tax world.

Tax Technician

The Tax Technician qualification is Ireland’s only professional tax compliance qualification. In a regulatory environment that is constantly evolving and changing, managing tax compliance has become increasingly complex.

Holders of the Tax Technician qualification have gained extensive knowledge in relation to tax compliance issues for income tax, payroll taxes, business taxes, capital taxes and VAT. They are equipped with the key practical skills to enable them to meet the increasing need for tax compliance services.

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